Necker's BOX is a personal website where differents types of projects and exercises about programming or vector and 3D graphics has published. For the most part they are created on Linux systems and with open-source programs. The main target of this site, besides having a personal space where published this stuffs, is to allow all to take inspiration from personal projects.


In this section you can found various programs written, for the most part, in C Language. They are divided in projects and exercises depending on their size, target o needed time to writing them.

You can use them under the terms of the GNU General Public License 3, if was not specified differently inside the sources or program's package.

4 Projects
5 Different Languages
4 Different Libraries
~ 30360 Lines of code
15 Exercises
3 Different Languages
5 Different Libraries
5356 Lines of code
~ 73 Files
5 Different Languages
8 Different Libraries
~ 35716 Lines of code


Various reusable images or design prototypes for logos, flyers and more realized in vector graphics. In addition project files, images and videos realized in 3D graphics respectively with the open-source programs Inkscape and Blender

You can use them under the terms of Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.

21 Vector Images
2 3D Projects
~ 7 MB of Project
~ 1336 MB of Contents