About Me

My name is Davide, also know online as neckers or hds619 and I was born in Lecce, in south Italy, in the distant 1993.

My interest to understand how easy commands are converted in real applications was born while Windows 3.1 gave the field to Windows 95. Unfortunately, not knowing the word "programming language", my quest to unveil this mystery was by attempts.

With the passing of time I've started to get interested to the hacker world but real programming was yet to come. At 11 years old I've begun to study HTML from a McGraw-Hill manual ( dear marquee, font and frame tags ) and I've made my first personal website on a free hosting service.

The disorganized study and passion for IT led me to learn the most varied topics: Photoshop CS, ArchiCAD, Flash MX 2004, etc. Finally, few years later I discovered the C, with the C Didattica e Programmazione manual, which opened the way for my love about programming.

Almost at the same time, I came in contact with Linux through a Knoppix Live distribution. It has become my default OS with Ubuntu 6.06.

During this time the passion for the web side isn't dead and working in C with socket or CGI isn't the better solution. For this reason I started studying PHP and MySQL, with the Sviluppare applicazioni web con PHP e MySQL manual. In February 2008 was born my first personal domain hds619.net which was online until February 2015.

In high schools I enrolled me to 'ITI "N. Copernico - A. Carpeggiani" in Electronics and Telecommunications specialization to better understand the hardware with which the software interacts.

After some experiences, including one year as volunteer in Italian Navy, I followed the freeCodeCamp journey to get the Full Stack Web Developer certification ( I miss the No Profit part because of not enough time ) where I knew the JavaScript environment ( i.e. Node.js, React, Redux, D3.js, Gulp, Webpack, Electron, MongoDB, etc.. ).

In the workplace I then found myself developing client applications using C# (.Net) languages for a few years, and then resuming full-time developing web applications in React.

Front End Certification Data Visualization Certification Back End Certification Curriculum Vitae


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