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Nenav is a folders viewer, specificatly made to view sources. It's a plugin written with jQuery and Prettify library.

It allow users to navigate inside a specified path and show the sources files with syntax highlight.

Nenav is light, safe and can be customized with themes.

React Nenav


React-Nenav is a component for your React applications. It allow you to show a path and navigate inside it like a folder viewer. You can also open the files and show their contents.

React-Nenav is built with React, Redux and React-Redux. All style and external plugin to do syntax highlight can be included.



A Chrome extension to replace the default "new page" with a page with your bookmarks folder, recent closed tabs and latest 10 history items in a "panel" visualization.



An hamburger-like menu, when you click over it the menu appears in fullwindow. No javascript libraries requested. Written in SASS.