GMan 2 - Manpages UI

Gtk+ 2.0


GMan 2 is an alternative of Gman software, because it's outdated ( dating back to 1999 ) and not very functional today. As its predecessor, it's a graphic front-end to view linux manpages.

The functionalities as the same of Gman except for the browser to open the manpages, it can be changed setting the favorite browser inside an environment variable BROWSER, if this variable was not set, GMan 2 use one of this browser: firefox, konqueror, opera, iceweasel or epiphany-browser.

The paths where manpages are located can be added manually in the graphic interface, or searched automatically. If you want save these paths permanently will be created the file .gman_2.paths in your home folder.

Install & Download

GMan 2 installation can be done only from sources compiling. After downloading the package you should check if in your system are installed the dependencies:

apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev

When dependencies are installed you can compile GMan 2 with the following steps:

tar -xjvf 'gman-2'.tar.bz2
cd 'gman-2'
make install

To show manpages you have to install these two packages:

apt-get install xterm man2html

Scarica gman-2.tar.bz2

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