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Imel is a library for images elaboration. It include tools to create, draw, save and modify different images types with more than 240 functions. It was designed to be easy to use with a good compromise between speed and memory usage.

An image will be elaborated in a ImelImage type ( see documentation for more details ). It works with RGB channels plus a level to identify an image layer or the alpha if its value is between 0 and -255.

Imel is written in C and released under GNU GPL 3 license. It can be included in C and C++ projects.

Install & Download

Imel uses two libraries to read TrueType fonts and open and save in different image formats. Before you compile it you have to install these libraries:

  • libfreetype6 Required. To read TrueType fonts
  • libfreeimage3 Required. To open and save in different image format
  • libstdc++6 Optional. To compile a static library.

On Debian-like system you can install these libraries with the command:

apt-get install libfreetype6-dev libfreeimage-dev

After this preliminary actions you can compile the source with make.


Note: For 64 bit systems you have to add flags='-fPIC'

Then you can install Imel with:

make install

To clean make generated files you can do:

make clean

To uninstall:

make uninstall

( For debug you can call make with debug=true option )

Download imel-pkg.tar.bz2

Download imel-with-docs.tar.bz2


From the 3.0 version the documentation was rewritten with Doxygen. The Doxygen default configuration can be found in imel_src folder and it's configured to generate HTML, LATEX and MAN output. Note: HTML output was patched with a bootstrap theme

You can generate the documentation with the command:

make imel-doc

And if you want clean it

make imel-doc-clean

Online documentation will be found below.

HTML Documentation

PDF Documentation

Quick Start

To use Imel in your project you have only to include its header with:

#include <imel.h>

And compile with

gcc myfile.c -o myprogram -limel

Image open and save

#include <imel.h>

int main (int argc, char *argv[]) 
 ImelImage *image;

 image = imel_image_new_from (argv[1], 0, NULL);
 if ( !image )
      return 1;

 imel_image_save_png (image, "image.png", IMEL_PNG_Z_DEFAULT_COMPRESSION, NULL);
 imel_image_free (image);

 return 0;

Others examples can be found in some function description

Imel Logic

Imel have, I hope, an own logic to define its functions name:

imel_category_action ()

The category can be: * image: Includes functions to elaborate the images with effects, filters, rotations and much more. * image_fill: Includes functions to fill an image area with colors or levels. * image_new_from: Includes functions to load an existed image. * image_save: Includes functions to save in different image format. * color: Includes functions to operate with a single color. * pixel: Includes functions to operate with the single pixels. * draw: Includes functions to draw in an image. * point: Includes functions to reference a point in an image. * font: Includes functions to write a string in an image. * value: Includes functions to convert from a value to another one.

Special functions are: * imel_printf_debug (): Print a message only if imel was compiled with debug=true. * imel_enable_brush (): Enabled the draw with a brush chosen. * imel_disable_brush (): Disable the draw with a brush.

The functions in the category image_new_from have this format:

  • imel_image_new_from format
  • imel_image_new_from format handle
  • imel_image_new_from format memory

The functions in the category image_save have the same format without memory action.

Supported Formats

Image Format Open Open Flags Save Save Flags
BMP Yes No Yes Yes
CUT Yes No No No
DDS Yes No No No
EXR Yes No No No
GIF Yes Yes No No
HDR Yes No No No
ICO Yes Yes No No
IFF Yes No No No
IMEL Yes No Yes No
J2K Yes No Yes Yes
JNG Yes No No No
JP2 Yes No Yes Yes
JPEG Yes Yes Yes Yes
KOALA Yes No No No
MNG Yes No No No
PBM Yes No No No
PCD Yes Yes No No
PCX Yes No No No
PGM Yes No No No
PNG Yes Yes Yes Yes
PPM Yes No Yes No
PPMRAW Yes No Yes No
PSD Yes No No No
RAS Yes No No No
RAW Yes Yes No No
SGI Yes No No No
TARGA Yes No No No
TIFF Yes Yes Yes Yes
WBMP Yes No Yes No
XBM Yes No No No
XPM Yes No Yes No

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