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Jeex - Hex Editor

Gtk+ 2.0Gettext

Jeex is a project born in 2006 as exercise to learn Gtk+ library. Its first version was written with Gtk+ 1.0 library, after some version it was rewritten using the version 2.0.

The interface was written in C without using programs like Glade. Jeex was enjoyed for its absolute independence from GNOME environment. This fact make Jeex light and available on different system types. Later it was added in the main distributions repositories of Linux.

Personal development was suspend at the end of 2012 after have introduced plugins and translate it in Greek, Italian and English.

GMan 2 - Manpages UI

Gtk+ 2.0

GMan 2 is a manual pages viewer, manpages, which enable the search, in one or more sections of a program, function or other things available on your system.

The idea comes after using GMan found in Ubuntu repository. It was made in 1999 and written with the first version of the Gtk+ library.

GMan 2 was made with Gtk+ 2.0 library and the graphic interface was made in C without any dependence from GNOME environment.

Imel - Graphics Library


Imel is a graphics library written in C language and can be used in C and C++ sources.

Written as alternative of GD library. In the current development state Imel could be compare with it for image creating, editing and processing with different file types supported.

The library have a Doxygen documentation which can be viewed, already processed, online in HTML, or downloaded in PDF.

N3Lib - Neural Network Library


A C library for building neural networks with the capability to define custom activation functions, learning rate, bias and others parameters.

Both forward and backpropagation are built to parallelize through threads the operations.

Due to the list type structure of layers and neurons, N3 Library allow you to remove and add neurons or layers even while it's in running mode ( at the end of each iteration ).

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GlibGNU RegexGNU Socket

Bot for IRC channels with different interactive commands and automatic functions to manage the IRC channel.



Convert example from a string to Base64.


Gtk+ 2.0

Hangman game written with Gtk+ 2.0 library


Gtk+ 2.0

Tic Tac Toe game written with Gtk+ 2.0 library

Conway's Game of Life

Gtk+ 2.0

Implementation of Conway's game of life

Printf ()


Rewritten of printf () functions from standard library without external libraries.



Simple shell for Linux.


Gtk+ 2.0

Experiment to insert a text with suggests based on pre-setted dictionary.



Through Imel library, this program process an image to display it in terminal.

UTF-8 - ASCII-256


Converts a string from extendeed ascii to UTF-8 and viceversa.

Imel Palette


Extracts the colors palette from an image.



Generates all possible combinations of length N with K different characters.

Chess Viewer

GNU Regex

Chess games viewer from PGN files on terminal. It includes a basic PGN files parser using regex and a, even basic, check todeterminate the correctness of the moves performed.